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  Some oddball stuff - some not so oddball - posted on various Blues fan forums down the years . . . enjoy!



Robbie Savage's new baby

Must have been when Dugarry was dropped. *shrug*

Andrew and Evan Baker send Christmas greetings.


Darren Carter's new hairstyle kinda reminded me of an Osprey's nest


Kevin Ball on the Joys and Sorrows forum took the shot of the cross on Dartmoor,
and then someone suggested Robbie Savage should be hung from it.



Clinton Morrison let's me know what he thinks.



Dave in New Zealand downs some questionable looking elixir.


Evan shows his intelligence at an early age.


Me license plate in Idaho. One of 'em anyway.


This one was announced under the heading,
'Naked babe in a Blues scarf'


We got back to the Prem and sucked up to the Refs.


Ashley Cole of Arsenal got our Cisse sent off by feigning an injury . . .


. . . then someone mentioned that 'cheat' was all over his face, so I obliged!


Blues fan 'Macca' wanted to see our boy Andrew in Blues gear and generously sent over a package of Blues stuff that was most generous.  Here Andy models the gear. 



So were these balls in use during the
1966 World Cup finals in England,
or were they orange?


On the day of the final I felt lead to corrupt the best selling book of all time.
Then Puds mentioned something about the Promised Land,
and as we had made it I was only too happy to oblige . . .


Well, the pictures tell the story . . .


Darren scores
the winning
penalty, wheels
away and a meat
pie narrowly
misses him!

[now there's some
rheet gratitude for ya'!]



Morning of the playoff final v Norwich in 2002


Another morning of
the game exhortation.
Mmmmmm, and
did we get it, eh?!

The morning of the game



Son Andrew
success the
night before
we beat
in Cardiff

I'll forget for a mo
that Pete Townshend
is a QPR fan!
This was from the 1970
Isle of Wight rock festival
which I attended.
The horrible part is
that I actually bought a
copy of this programme.


A bold prediction from moi the morning after our win at Milwall

The morning after the win at Milwall.
This signifies that the black clouds are moving away from St. Andrews
and that there really is a silver lining

We were all kinda down after drawing the first leg
at home to Milwall, 1-1.  Soooo . . .

I'd not long returned from Monument Valley, and got the chance to use this
before our semis versus Milwall.

Kinda believable don't ya' think?

The original shot was taken when Devs signed for Blues on loan, then came his baby.  Odd that he
looks a lot like our Evan.  [the baby that is]


Andrew was touted as a future
Blues keeper the day he was
born, and this is one of
several updates.
Not bad for a 15 month old, eh?!







January 13th, 2002, and Evan is dreaming BIG! 

Andrew again.  Can you guess what the topic was?

How prophetic this
came to be even
though our season
at Christmas 2001
looked to be over.
The bambino is my son Andrew.

Having just alighted from the mother ship [centre], Neil [right] prefers
*Dave's cash to his ale.  Now that IS weird!
*[not in NZ]

Standing next to St. Andrews, this is how I prefer to remember my city!

Mid sixties Beau Brummie sticker I found
in my autograph book recently


Someone complained that my horse only had three legs
[only those I bet on do], so I had to put the boot in.

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If you're good I'll add more over time.
If something you liked ain't never not no here, let me know.
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